• Content: Abstract should contain title, authors full names and affiliations.
  • Font and size: Times New Roman. Title in 12 points bold, authors’ names (starting from first name) in 10 points, affiliations in 9 points and contents in 10 points.
  • Volume:Single space within one page of A4 size (about 300 words). Figures are accepted (within 10 MB only), however, will be printed in black and white.
  • Presenting authors should be identified by underlining the name. E-mail address of only corresponding author should supply.
  • Abstract submission is now open.
  • Submit your abstract [word document file (.docx) ] to Lok Kumar Shrestha at shrestha.lokkumar@nims.go.jp

Guidelines for poster presentation

  • The poster board is self standing.
  • The poster size should be no more that A0 size.
  • Poster number will be displayed on top of each poster board. Push pins will be provided.
  • Poster presenters are recommended to be present at their poster panel during the session and actively discuss with the participants.
  • After the poster session, presenters should remove their poster by themselves. Remaining posters will be discarded otherwise.